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Business Telecoms

We help business owners find their way through the complex issue of sourcing tried and tested Telecoms solutions to suit their requirements.

Get a cost effective low-cost, quality Business Phone System, including installation, unlimited free calls, maintenance & support for your business for as little as £15 per month per phone.

Of course, it’s not just about the price, it’s the reliability, call recording, call reporting, voicemail and ringing groups all included in the package that are key factors that make this the best hosted phone system currently available in the market.

If this doesn’t fit the bill we will have a portfolio of providers that supply a comprehensive range of phone systems at the most competitive prices that should save you money and revolutionise the way your business communicates.

Free Calls

Free calls for your business Including all calls to UK landlines and UK Mobiles. One fixed amount per month will get you all the calls you need. No longer have to worry about the phone bill.

Handsets included

The lastest handsets available are all included within your monthly bundle.

No need to pay upfront for hardware! You get a new handset per user your business signs up for.

No Installation cost

The Hosted phone systems recommended is pre-configured and customised so when you receive it so all you have to do is plug it into the internet!

Remote Support

You pay one monthly fee for everything, so it would be wrong if support wasn’t included. If anything goes wrong with your services we'll ensure it gets fixed and back on track in no time!

Traditional phone systems - Perfect for SME’s

Our providers supply traditional PBX systems and our most reliable providers offer the most reliable and most popular phone system. From cruise ships right through to multi-site retailers, this platform is designed to be powerful, functional and more importantly can grow with your business.

These phone systems are what can be classed as a hybrid system that can use a multitude of handset types, from SIP clients on your mobile phone to a touchscreen, web-based desk phone.

voip telephone

Hosted VOIP Phone Systems

The system we recommend exceeds the clarity of traditional phone systems and also offers full call reporting, and call recording so not only can you monitor the quantity and quality of phone calls, you can also analyse the detailed reporting enabling you to monitor performance.

Free calls, free handsets, free set-up and installation means all you pay for is the monthly rental per extension you have on the system. What's more you can plug handsets in across the world without the need of expensive routers and switches, all you need is a spare LAN port on the back of your router or even the mobile phone client you can download from the App stores.

Business Mobile phones

Our Business mobiles solutions offer are guaranteed to make a significant cost reduction.

Just send us a recent copy of your telecom invoice for our free analysis and we will advise whether there is a justification in switching provider and saving money.

mobile phone
man looking at report

Management Reporting

An online management reporting system allows the business owner, sales manager, contact centre manager or whoever needs call information to evaluate who said what and when.

The system can provide all this information to you in regular handy reports whenever this is required.

Identify and listen to historical call recordings, and evaluate the need for improved training, recognise and praise achievements, and even use as evidence if needed in the event of legal issues.

Work from anywhere in the world

Our recommended hosted telephone system works by connecting each phone back to the central phone system. No longer are you restrained by location, your phone can be taken with you and plugged into any internet connection* and you can be connected to your office phone system and calls to your business number will ring on your handset just as normal.

*Voice quality is subject to the correct upload and download speeds being available on a reliable internet connection and a router with QOS (Quality of service) features


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