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Or simply call us on 01204 322304

Privacy Policy

About Us

Based in the North west of England, Independent Business Solutions is the parent company of Independent Merchant Services who are number one on Trustpilot and the UK's reference point in Merchant Services.

The business was set up primarily by our Managing Director who in 2011 was a business owner looking to compare providers in an effort to reduce business costs.

What he couldn’t avoid in the whole process was a plethora of call centres, lead generation websites, pushy salesmen, mysteriously confusing quotations and reams of tedious contractual small print in the applications, he recognised that most business owners simply don’t have the time, let alone the knowledge to understand merchant services/energy/telecoms.. Does that sound familiar?

Even then there’s no guarantee you have made the right decision until you find yourself knee deep into a contract that shows hidden fees you were never made aware of at the time of signing and other commercially unsavory contractual obligations. Is this familiar to you?

Any business that simply wants to avoid being overcharged on their business costs needs to speak to us. It is not in our interests to do anything but help you source the best deals available to suit your needs.

Our business model differs from all the brokers and providers that flood an already confusing and crowded utilities marketplace.

Why use Independent Business Solutions?

We offer a refreshingly unique and free service to business owners that not only points you in the direction of Utility provider that is right for you, we also help you compare and dissect various providers and their confusing quotes.

Many providers hide various commercial pitfalls inside their contractual small print which can tie you into a contract that is costly to exit or turn a great deal into one which isn't.

Independent Business Solutions is always willing to help business owners by using its muscle, influence and knowledge of the marketplace to help Business owners being bossed around by commercially opportunitistic providers.

All our approved providers are tried and tested for service and competitive pricing and we are confident they will be able to offer you the most competitive rates.

Are we really Independent

Yes, we are 100% independent, and whilst we do have our preferred providers, we have no allegiance to any of them. We are not a broker, nor a reseller of Utilities nor do we have no allegiance to any one single provider.

We do, however, ensure that all our preferred providers are continually tried, tested, and approved by ourselves not just on price, but also the quality of their after-sales service, their products and the nature of their contracts.

If the above criteria are compromised, we would have no hesitation in removing them from our list of approved providers.

How we work

Every Utility provider offers incentives to their sales teams, agents, partners and introducers to protect margin for themselves. Our services are free to the merchant because we get paid a small commission from any of the providers that we believe are offering the best deal for you. If you don't agree that we have found the best deal for you, then walk away.

So, you can see we too have a vested interested in you achieving your objectives.

We help you differentiate between the most competitive quotes and the quotes that masquerade as competitive.

Why use Independent Business Solutions

  • We are 100% Independent
  • We arent a lead generation website
  • We won't sell your details on to anyone
  • We do not charge for our services
  • We will save you time, money, and hassle
  • We will give you the facts you need to know
  • We promise to stand by you through your
    contract with the approved providers

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