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Gas / Electricity

Our approved providers offer an array of essential energy services and solutions to industrial, commercial and public-sector clients to avoid you paying too much for your business utilities. Our team help you maximise buying opportunities in the energy markets to ensure you keep your energy costs and carbon emissions to a minimum.

We discuss your specific needs and recommend the route to market that will works best for your business. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach but our providers have a proven track record with thousands of satisfied clients. If it works for them, it will work for you!

If you already have some quotes in hand – we offer a free service to compare what you may believe is the best deal out there against the best deal we can find.

Understanding your Requirements

Energy procurement: Ensuring you receive the best energy service at the optimum price, whatever the size of your business

Energy Management: A range of software and physical solutions allowing you to manage and reduce your energy consumption

Historical Audits: Forensic auditing of your energy bills, uncovering any possible historical errors and securing refunds on your behalf

Gas & Electricity Services
solar panels and wind turbines

Renewable Projects: Leading renewable energy experts to guide you through every stage of a renewable energy project

Site Operations: A fully integrated management solution for businesses, facilitating and monitoring site operations

Water Auditing: A comprehensive review of all water consumption at your business premises, with the core objectives of reducing consumption, eliminating wastage, improving consumer behaviours and reducing cost

The Process

We arrange a no obligation energy assessment of your company’s utilities.

This no-obligation review of your energy and utility billing and usage identifies if your business is paying more than necessary, as well as helping you to identify ways to improve your energy efficiency and reduce unnecessary usage.

The energy assessment can deliver significant savings by identifying potential improvements in procurement, consumption, efficiency and infrastructure. Once we have helped you find the right deal to saving money and energy, we'll be there to help with every step you take not just at the beginning but throughout the contract.

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