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Or simply call us on 01204 322304

Privacy Policy

Welcome to Independent Business Solutions

Independent Business Solutions offers business owners guidance and clarity in the procuring and negotiating of competitively priced Utility solutions.

The internet has become an essential part of business not only for finding customers but also for sourcing the best provider and prices.

As there’s no shortage of Energy/Merchant Services and Telecoms Providers and an abundance of Brokers, Lead Generation comparison websites, and Sales agents, we offer a unique and refreshing way to help you find the best provider and the most competitive prices in the simplest and quickest way possible.

Reviewing quotations can be a misleading and time-consuming exercise. Independent Business Solutions offers a FREE service to help you in the process of sourcing and negotiating with your key utility providers.

We are not a broker, nor a reseller of utilities nor do we have any particular allegiance to any provider. We just simply help you differentiate between the most competitive quotes and the quotes that masquerade as competitive.

Our Services

gas and electric bills

Tired of the brokers, call centres and confusing tariffs? Our approved providers offer an array of essential energy services and solutions to industrial, commercial and public-sector clients to avoid you paying too much for your business utilities.

payment machine

As the UK's reference point on Merchant Services, we can help you find the most cost-effective card payment solution for face to face or online card payments. We also audit your current card fees to ensure you are not being over charged.


Trying to find your way through the complex issue of sourcing the tried and tested Telecoms solution to suit your requirements. Find the cost-effective Telecom solutions with unrivalled customer service and aftersales service for your business.

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  • Our service and advice is free
  • We guarantee to save you time, money and hassle
  • We are 100% Independent
  • Get the facts you need to know to make an informed decision
  • We aren't a lead generation website
  • We stand by you throughout the contract with the approved provider

Points you should know

"Strength in Numbers"

Because we handle many hundreds of enquiries each month, our voice muscle and negotiating ability is hundreds of times stronger than the voice of just one merchant.

Contracts and the "small print"

We are familiar with how the market works, the providers, tariffs, after sales service and we can analyse your chosen provider's contracts just to make sure the deal is a fair one. There's no shortage of terms and conditions and a lot of "gobbledy gook." We usually read the small print to highlight any unfair additional fees or penalties. It's too late once you have signed the contract so let us independently advise on any potential pitfalls that may affect you further down the line.

Lead Generation Websites

Lead generation companies are everywhere on search engines disguised as Comparison websites. They don’t compare, they simply take your enquiry details and sell them to many card payment providers. You will be bombarded by call centres trained to push their own products and protect their margin.

"Lowest Rates" Claims

Beware of the headline "lowest rates guaranteed" claim. This can hide a multitude of costs hidden in the rest of the contract.

Sales agents Brokers and Call centres

Commisisons can be lucrative in the Energy, Telecoms and Merchant services sectors so get an Independent opinion before you sign your contracts

The "Get out clause"

If you choose one of our recommended providers and in the unlikely event you have an issue in the middle of the contact, then this is where we can step in and either get the issue rectified on your behalf. If we can’t help and you have a valid point then we have occasionally instructed the provider to rip up the contract with no penalties to the merchant.

Why use Independent Business Solutions

  • We are 100% Independent
  • We arent a lead generation website
  • We won't sell your details on to anyone
  • We do not charge for our services
  • We will save you time, money, and hassle
  • We will give you the facts you need to know
  • We promise to stand by you through your
    contract with the approved providers

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